PDF OCR识别编辑 PDF-XChange Editor Plus 8.0.332.0

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PDF-XChange Editor – 最小,最快,功能最丰富的免费PDF编辑器/PDF阅读器!专注于PDF电子文档的编辑功能,体积小巧,速度飞快,界面友好,打开PDF文件速度快,具备丰富的配置和功能选项,可以帮助您快速的制作和编写PDF电子文档!支持创建,查看,编辑,注释,OCR识别和数字签名PDF文件等等功能。

PDF OCR识别编辑 PDF-XChange Editor Plus 8.0.332.0

PDF-XChange Editor

The smallest, fastest and most feature-rich free PDF viewer/editor on the market.

Create, view, edit, annotate, OCR and digitally sign PDF files – and that’s just the beginning. Please see below for a breakdown of the main features of PDF-XChange Editor.

The PDF-XChange Lite virtual printer is also included with this product at no additional cost.

More than 60% of the features in PDF-XChange Editor do not require a license to use. The remaining features, which are clearly identified, will place a ‘trial’ watermark on output if they are used without a license.

PDF-XChange Editor Plus includes additional functionality for the creation and editing of fillable forms and the creation of customizable dynamic stamps.





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