WinSCP绿色中文版 5.13.8-开源FTP/SCP/SFTP客户端

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WinSCP是一个免费的FTP客户端 它能够让你使用SSH技术安全的把文件从本地复制到服务器端,支持的协议也是非常多,比如FTP、SFTP、FTPS、SCP等等,而目录比较、清除缓存等自带的额外功能也是非常的不错,同步浏览功能则还可以同时自动打开服务器端和本地的相同文件夹哦。 




WinSCP绿色中文版 5.13.8-开源FTP/SCP/SFTP客户端


* 基于官方版制作
* 去除了无用文件
* 内置简、繁两种语言包
* 去除了自动更新


* 图形用户界面
* 多国语言界面支持
* 与Windows平台完美集成(拖拽,URL,快捷方式)
* 支持所有常用文件操作
* 支持基于SSH-1、SSH-2 的 SFTP 和 SCP 协议
* 支持批处理脚本和命令行方式
* 多种半自动、自动的目录同步方式
* 内置文本编辑器
* 支持SSH密码、键盘交互、公钥和Kerberos(GSS)验证
* 通过与Pageant(PuTTY Agent)集成支持各种类型公钥验证
* 提供WindowsExplorer与NortonCommander界面
* 可选地存储会话信息
* 可将设置存在配置文件中而非注册表中,适合在移动介质上操作




5.13.8 2019-02-27
Back-propagated a fix from 5.14 beta – 5.14.5 RC releases:
TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.2r.
Bug fix: Prevent SCP server sending files that were not requested.
Bug fix: Local directories with path long between 248 and 259 characters could not be created.

5.13.7 2019-01-08
Translation updated: Simplified Chinese.
Back-propagated some improvements and fixes from 5.14–5.14.3 beta releases:
Suspending workaround 1644 for a bug in Windows 10 version 1803 (April 2018 update), fixed in version 1809 (October 2018 update), that caused drag&drop downloads to Windows Explorer end in a wrong folder.
Use remembered private key passphrase in generated script/code.
Bug fix: Remembered private key passphrase is not passed to PuTTY.
Bug fix: Failure when canceling connection attempt started from command-line.
Bug fix: The last file transfer before creating a remote directory during synchronization is not reported with .NET assembly. 1715
Bug fix: Failure when starting GUI.

5.13.6 2018-12-12
Back-propagated some improvements and fixes from 5.14.2 beta release:
Bug fix: Failure when canceling session reconnect. 1684
Bug fix: Crash on start while loading local file icons. 1709

5.13.5 2018-11-21
Translations updated: Dutch, Hungarian, Kabyle, Korean, Polish and Spanish.
Back-propagated some improvements and fixes from 5.14-5.14.2 beta releases:
TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.2q.
XML parser upgraded to Expat 2.2.6.
Bug fix: Using /ini=nul in GUI shows an error.
Bug fix: Sort arrow is not shown on start up.
Bug fix: When dragging files to other session tabs, drag cursor could change to “Move”, although only “Copy” is possible.
Bug fix: Remembered passphrase is used as a password in generated script/code. 1687
Bug fix: Failure when canceling session reconnect. 1684
Bug fix: GUI freezes while executing an extension with ShowResultsInMsgBox or CopyResults flags.
Bug fix: Ctrl+Shift+Alt+? keyboard shortcuts for custom commands and extensions were not working. 1700
Bug fix: User name edit box on Login dialog in some cases does not include modification commands (like Paste). 1702
Bug fix: Opening context menu of a file in a local panel locks a parent folder of the file. 1703





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